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Barb, you absolutely saw how discouraged I was while preparing for my TEDx talk - it was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life.  I never thanked you enough for believing in me and reminding me that this story - my story  - needs to be told!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help and unwavering  support throughout the entire journey​!



Jack Andraka
Social Entrepreneur
Talks we've worked on together:
Future Med, TED, Wired for Wonder & The White House
Charis Kubrin, PhD
Professor of Criminology, Law & Society
Talks we've collaborated on: TEDx, UCI Roundtable & Applied Innovation
Eyvette Jones-Johnson
Founder Urban Possibilities
Ryan Hauser
Co-Founder Paul Frank Industries

Barbara is a rare coach and master teacher.  I'm a TV producer and a non-profit executive who was pretty confident in my ability to write and deliver my ideas.  Barbara widened my view of what is possible and launched me to a new level.  I'm so grateful for the time, love and attention to detail she gives.  Each session she went above and beyond the call.  She was invested in my success.  No matter how good you think you are as a speaker, Barbara Seymour Giordano will make you better! 

Well, all of your words of wisdom paid off in the end, that I have no doubt.  Now that it's over I feel like I've grown so much and have truly overcome some BIG fear.  And thank you for the gentle hand along the way.  I sincerely value all that you did to get me ready for that TEDx're very good at what you do.  If I'm asked to speak again - you'll be the first person I reach out to.



Mike Kwon
Co-Founder / CEO
WhiteCoat Healthcare

I just wanted to thank you again for helping us secure the Coulter Seed Grant.  

After your helped improve our startup story and create a slide deck to reinforce it, we pitched to one angel investor and two venture groups and had a very successful seed fundraiaing round.  In fact, our pitch was so successful we raised an additional $680,000!

Stirring up the audience's emotions with words and images works!  In fact is works so well, we incorporated the storytelling and visual techniques you taught us into our website Whitecoat Healthcare.

Thanks again for all your help!




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