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Boost your organization's storytelling power and work with Barbara today!:


Keynote Speeches 

Interested in having Barbara speak at your next sales meeting or event?


-  The Business of Storytelling

-  Communicating Through Story

-  Why Story Matters

-  The Power of TED Talks 


1:1 Coaching

Do you have an upcoming sales meeting and want to raise the storytelling bar for you and your executive team?   Are you looking to captivate the hearts and minds of your audience at your next event? 


Here's how I can help:


-  Strategic Storytelling / Personalization

-  Key Messaging 

-  Theme Reference

-  PowerPoint or Keynote Slide Branding 

-  Team Coaching

-  Speaker Prep Prior to Event and Onsite

-  Onstage Direction 



Story Workshop

Is your team having trouble crafting their message?  Need to tighten or update the story or pitch you're currently delivering?  Well this is the workshop for you!

Here's what we'll cover:


-  Branded Messaging & Storytelling

-  Visual Product Presentations

-  PowerPoint or Keynote Slides

-  Delivery Feedback

-  Leadership Language


Each workshop is tailor made and hands on -- everyone has the opportunity to present at least once. 


Investment Pitch Workshops for Entrepreneurs 

Got a great startup up idea but you're having trouble getting to the point of your business?  Well fear no more!  Whether you've you need to share your message in 60 seconds or less or have an investor pitch with room to breathe...getting to the heart of your message is the key!


In this workshop we'll cover some of the following:


-  Define the Problem / Solution

-  Clarify your Target Market 

-  Share the Mid-Level Details

-  Cloak Data in Story

-  Touch on Traction

-  Close with the Solution 


Academic Storytelling

If you're an academic, the chances are you're pretty comfortable delivering a presentation to a room full of peers and other experts. 


But what if you're asked to share your story not in your world, but to the world?  Where do you even begin?  And the reality is with grant dollars being slashed, academics will need to the public for outside funding. 


Here's how I can help academics and professors:


-  Story Flow & Mapping

-  Delivery 

-  Key Messaging 

-  Slide Creation

-  Leadership Language 

-  Audience Engagement 


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