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Virtual Keynote

Visually impaired alpine skier gave her inspirational and motivational talk to amazon's employees.  It was a riveting talk full of emotional ups, downs and all arounds.The audience loved every compelling minute.

Whether it's an online keynote or presentation it's important to prepare—I can walk you through the steps of what you need

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Media Training

In the pandemic age, interviews are happening from home. Dr. Garth Walker reached out to me to prep him for a series of interview that resulted from a compelling OpEd article he wrote. While our main focus was messaging, I also worked with him on technology, background lighting as well as what to wear.  Within a few short hours, I'll have you ready for prime time!


Startup Pitch

Are you an entrepreneur with a good idea but you're having trouble getting your message across to investors the way they want to hear it?  Well look no further than this workshop to hone your skills to be ready to deliver a compelling and memorable startup pitch!



As a speechwriter, I specialize in making the highly technical accessible to all. I'm also an advocate of the voiceless and I believe a well crafted story is the best way to be heard. That said, I've written for many a speaker who has overcome insurmountable odds. If you'd like to become a speechwriter, sign up for this class as soon as its offered.

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