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Storytelling Matters

When it comes to storytelling there's increasing pressure to cut through the noise and deliver talks worth remembering. 


Because today, thousands of riveting talks (past and present) are just a few keystrokes away.  Thanks to mobility, viewing is easy—anytime, anywhere.  


What does on-demand access to top-notch storytelling mean?  Well not only raises audience expectations, but also the bar of storytelling—this group has become increasingly savvy and discerning.  Due to your rank, they won't tell you they've stopped listening because a numbers heavy approach to presenting no longer works.   


The truth is, today's audience is hungry for a connection with you—

and the only way to connect with them is to have the courage to reveal yourself through story. 

The question is, has the storytelling in presentations kept pace with demand?   

Are your talks, like the best speeches, chalked full of imagery, imagination, humor,

humility, vision and a laser sharp point of view?

If not...

I'm Here to Help!

A speech well crafted and told is an amazing (and often overlooked) opportunity

to create an intimate dialog with the audience (whether it's a one person or 10,000).

However, when you're too close to your subject it's often difficult to

identify the most important points to deliver a crisp, compelling and concise message.  

As I agonized over every word of my own speech my husband astutely observed,

"You can't be both the player and the coach."

(Oh, it can be painful when your spouse is so right!) 

As a writer and delivery coach, that's where I come in.

I'll guide you (from the page to the stage) through my 3 Step Proven Process to help you:

- Identify Your Personal Message & Story

- Choose Slide Images to Reinforce Your Story

- Own the Stage with Confidence

If you're a leader or expert interested in taking your talks to the next level, why wait?  

Reach out today—I'm here to help!:


Client Collaboration: